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Welcome to VariaLift Airships

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Varialift Airships Plc is an all-aluminium airship design and manufacture company based in Great Britain. Varialift has  developed and designed an airship using our  ground breaking and innovative patented technology. Our design solves traditional airship limitations and allows us to provide a mass produced reliable, economical range of heavy-lift airships.

The Varialift patents are held for the USA, Europe and Hong Kong. IP patent is pending.

Varialift has carried out an extensive study that identifies a market for thousands of its airships.  The Varialift design is recognized  by academics, industrialists and operators as offering the most promising technology for true long term industrial heavy-lift applications. 

Varialift’s design allows our airships to offer a leap forward in efficiency, durability, reliability and safety. It is a unique craft, allowing cargo access to remote areas with no infrastructure at a tiny fraction of the cost of cargo helicopters. The enormous cargo bay also means that the Varialift will be significantly more cost effective than road transport  for low density goods.

Varialift has built a test rig which has validated the technology. We are now moving forward with building a fully operational prototype (ARH-PT) to train future pilots and attract investment for the full manufacturing base which will mass produce the ARH50, a 50  tonne payload airship. The ARH250, Varialift’s 250 metric tonne payload craft, is to follow in due course.

Partnering with the town of Chateaudun, Varialift has secured a 40 hectare site where all three models will be manufactured, employing an estimated 300 staff within four years. The modular process for building the prototype will form the basis of the manufacturing process for the series models.

Main features at a glance
• Made of aluminium - lightweight, solid and proven
• Vertical take-off and landing
• Operates in strong front & cross wind conditions (50 Knots)
• Needs NO airport infrastructure/ground crew - operates on any flat space
• Burns 80 - 90% less fuel than equivalent aircraft
• Flies at 250 - 350 Km/hr.
• Costs 80-90% less than equivalent payload aircraft to purchase and operate
• Rivals in cost with truck or rail (point to point)
•  At least 40 years working life expected - No helium loss during normal operations
Payloads of 50, 250, and potentially up to 3000 metric tonnes.


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