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Q What is Varialift?
Varialift is a new type of heavy lift aircraft

Q What is lift capacity of the Varialift aircraft?
Varialift can, depending on the size, have lift capacities from 50 metric Tons to 500 metric Tons

Q It sounds really useful – it must be expensive?
A Actually no – Varialift is low in cost to build, operate and maintain

Q What about airports and runways? Is it costly in terms of landing and loading?
A Again, the cost base is low cost due to the fact that it can operate virtually anywhere; it does not need a runway to land

Q Where can Varialift operate then?
Anywhere. Varialift is extremely versatile and will operate point to point. It can deliver where no roads exist; over land, over water and mountains

Q What is the real point of Varialift? Can’t you achieve the same objectives with existing aircraft?
No.Varialift is the only aircraft that can collect very heavy loads and deliver in rough terrain from anywhere to anywhere. There is no need for extra vehicles to get the cargo where it needs to be and as we have mentioned it is low cost to build and operate


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